Batting Pakistan against Bangladesh in Dhaka’s test

Dhaka: Pakistan hit in the second exam against Bangladesh.

In the second and final test of the series played at the Cricket Sher-e-Bangla Stadium in Dhaka, Pakistani captain Babar Azam won the throw and was chosen for the bat first.

Pakistan’s first Wicket fell at the age of 59 when Abdullah Shafiq scored 25 and was detained by Tej-ul-Islam. Gawi both green shirts dropped at 70 runs. Abid Ali scored 39 Run and was detained by Tej-ul-Islam.

Tejul Islam, who took 8 numbers in the first test, rejected the two openers. On the lunch break on the first day of Dhaka’s test, Pakistan scored 78 runs to lose two Wickets.

Babar Azam said that the goal looked profitable to hit. There were no changes made in the Pakistani team for the second test and the team for the first test was maintained. Efforts will be made to make a good total on the scoreboard.

The Shakib Al Hasan all-rounder has returned to the Bangladesh team. Captain Bangladesh said that they would try to raise the series by winning the second test.

It should be noted that Pakistan has won the first test series.

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