KARACHI: Car financing has arrived at an unequaled high of Rs273 billion as of Feb 28, 2021, showing a bounce of four percent month-on-month and 29pc since June 30, 2019, Head of Research at Arif Habib Ltd Tahir Abbas said while citing the information of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

He told Dawn on Thursday that the portion of car financing in absolute vehicle deals has expand to 40-50pc presently when contrasted with 20-25pc in March 2020 when the loan cost was 13.5pc. “We expect no adjustment in the loan cost in Friday’s money related strategy proclamation by the SBP which will foreshadow well for the auto area,” he said expecting a loan cost climb to 7.5pc from the current 7pc in May however it would not reason any gouge in the development of automobile financing.

“I expect a development of 16-20pc in vehicle deals during FY21 keeping in see vigorous interest for vehicles,” he said, adding that so far lockdown circumstance is very better compared to finish countrywide closure in March-May 2020

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