AS has become standard, the current year’s Women’s Day celebrations, and explicitly the Aurat March occasion, brought about extensive political and social reaction from traditionalist quarters. Notwithstanding, what made it especially risky this time around was the deliberate mission by strict gatherings, activists and different moderate columnists to depict the occasion and occasion coordinators as advertisers of profane talk.

Given Pakistan’s ignoble history of viciousness originating from such allegations, public specialists can’t bear to remain uninvolved and permit both wilful deception of the development and unbound promulgation constantly arising out of different coordinated components. The security of coordinators just as the privileges of residents are in question here.

All the more extensively, the contention around promotion of ladies’ privileges is by all accounts developing as time passes. From a situational viewpoint, a portion of this worsening is likely connected with the spread of advanced media advances. Individuals are coming into contact with perspectives and portrayals of real factors that they had almost no collaboration with beforehand.

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