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Apple prohibits updating the email app with ChatGPT technology.

Reuters (Reuters): Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has stopped an update to the messaging app BlueMail, which employs a customised variant of OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, the app’s co-founder told Reuters on Thursday.

“Apple has stopped the BlueMail update and continues to unjustly handle BlueMail and discriminate against us,” Blix’s Ben Volach said.


“Other GPT-powered applications do not appear to be limited,” he continued.

According to a document obtained by Reuters, Apple, which denied the app update last week, requested the business modify the app’s age classification for those over the age of 17 or apply content screening because BlueMail may create material that is not suitable for all viewers.

“We want justice.” Others should be required to be 17 or older if we are Volach tweeted that many other applications on Apple’s app store that promote ChatGPT-like features do not have age restrictions.

Apple, which was investigating the report, stated that developers can dispute a denial through the App Review Board procedure.

“It indicates to us that the company may examine apps with ChatGPT features in the same way it does others where there are worries about the quality of the user experience and appropriateness of the content or service offered by the app,” said D.A. Davidson analyst Thomas Forte.




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