“Are you making individuals unreliable, Ahsan?” I ask the entertainer and true to form, he breaks into giggling. Any individual who realizes Ahsan Khan realizes that that he snickers frequently, peppers his discussions with tales and is by and large an incredible individual to spend time with. He’s additionally an entertainer who has demonstrated his grit over and over with a progression of assorted jobs and is a quintessential expert, continually on a roll. In a year where work eased back down for some entertainers because of the Covid, Khan has been fluttering through different activities and much of the time beating the TV rating outlines.

It has been a treat watching him in seventh Sky Entertainment’s present hit Qayamat where the approachable Khan changes totally into the profoundly sexist, unpredictable Rashid. He struts into rooms, makes horrendous announcements and finishes discussions with his face bended into a hostile ‘O’. Commentators have been raving about his presentation and appraisals are high as can be.

Interestingly, Khan is a glib host on his television show for Express Entertainment, Time Out with Ahsan Khan, where he jokes and plays a progression of games with superstar visitors. The show is an hour long, highlights a ritzy list of attendees and is beating the viewership outlines.

An abundance of prominent tasks are presently circulating on TV — the Covid may have put an end to live occasions and film delivers however it at the same time focused in the attention on TV — and to make a forward leap in these serious, rough waters with not one, but rather two undertakings is a significant accomplishment. Along these lines I question Khan about making his friends shaky.

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