A man sets fire to “slow internet equipment” and is sentenced to seven years in prison.

The internet is essential for the world’s survival; professional and personal tasks may be completed quickly, yet slow internet access irritates everyone.
According to NDTV, a guy called Lan in China was sentenced to seven years in prison after losing his mind due to a bad internet connection.
Authorities said he set fire to the internet infrastructure after becoming frustrated with the poor service.
Lan became dissatisfied with the connection speed in an internet café in southern Guangxi province in June.

In reaction, he smashed a public box carrying optical fibre network connections, according to a statement issued by a municipal court on Monday.

The court stated that “the guy used a lighter to ignite a napkin he had on him, then burnt down a telecoms box at a traffic crossing,” the court stated.

Because of the fire, around 4,000 families and workplaces, including a public hospital, were left without internet connectivity; the connection was interrupted for 28 to 50 hours, according to reports.

According to the court in Cenxi, “after the event, public security agents recovered Lan’s instrument of crime – a lighter.”

According to reports, Lan was sentenced to seven years in prison for sabotaging public telecommunications equipment.

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