37% of the world population still lack internet access, the United Nations said

Geneva: United Nations has said in reports that one in three people in the world is never online. Thus, a total of 2.90 billion people lost it, namely 37% of the global population. This was revealed by the Telecommunication Bureau, a subsidiary of the United Nations.

The United Nations said the number of internet users has increased by 17% since 2019 and that a total of 490 million people now have access to online. This is because after the Corona epidemic, people are connected to the internet and increasing their knowledge.

The United Nations has welcomed an increase. But the same epidemic has also exposed global Gulf Internet, or Digital Divide. Children and teachers are very affected. Because of the lock, the situation became more difficult and people’s concerns increased.

Strangely, even at the rear and the poorest in the United States, millions of children and their teachers are far from hardware and the internet. In this way, millions of children suffer extraordinary and more educational losses.

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