What if you don’t have a website and need a more sophisticated payment channel than a bank transfer? Whether you’re a freelancer or a tutor, who is looking for a seamless way to embrace digital restoration, SafePay has your solution.

Using QuickLinks, you can create a unique invoice link that can be sent to a client that when clicking leads to a debit / debit card. There is an entire payment tracking dashboard – – unsuccessful, rejected, and verified – and you can make money back with it. Safepay started in 2017 as a peer-to-peer payment platform painted after Venmo by Ziyad Parekh, a software engineer in the US. “The idea was to have the same level of ease of use in Pakistan so I developed the product and started it. But that was great, there was no marketing whatsoever and this was a very controlled environment so it didn’t start. After that the fintech movement started to evolve as more players entered the space, so in November 2018, I built everything from scratch and implemented a current B2B service, similar to PayPal for retailers, “he recalls.


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