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Mercedes-Benz is preparing its powertrain network for electric cars starting in 2024.

Mercedes-Benz announced on Wednesday a plan to change its global production network for electric powertrain systems, such as batteries, electric drive units, and axles, starting in 2024. The plan is worth more than 1 billion euros ($1.06 billion).

Plants in Kamenz and Untertuerkheim, Germany, and Beijing, China, already make batteries for electric and hybrid models. They will also make batteries for models on the new MMA and MB.EA platforms. Another battery assembly site could be built in Koelleda if the local government agrees to help.


On the new platforms, electric drive units for cars will be made in Untertürkheim, Beijing, and Sebes, Romania. Hamburg and Untertuerkheim will continue to be the main plants for putting together electric axles and other parts.

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“No site is left out,” said Joerg Burzer, who is in charge of production, on a press call.

Management and employee representatives came to an agreement in June about moving European car plants toward electric vehicles (EVs). This means that high-end AMG cars will be made in Sindelfingen.

EA platform, Rastatt and Kecskemet in Hungary for entry-level cars, and Bremen and Kecskemet in Hungary for high-end cars.

The car company has set up its factories so that both combustion-engine cars and electric cars can be made on the same lines. However, Burzer said that putting together batteries and motors on the same line is harder.


Still, many of the plants that make parts for cars with combustion engines will keep doing so as long as there is demand. This is because the luxury carmaker is working toward selling only electric cars by 2030 “where market conditions allow.”

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