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Italy Conditions ChatGPT’s Return on OpenAI Taking ‘Useful Steps’

According to an interview published on Tuesday, Italy’s data protection watchdog is willing to allow the return of the ChatGPT chatbot by the end of April if OpenAI, its maker, takes “useful steps” to address the agency’s concerns.

The authority’s chief, Pasquale Stanzione, stated that they are ready to reopen ChatGPT on April 30th if OpenAI demonstrates a willingness to take the necessary steps to comply with the watchdog’s demands.

In late March, Microsoft Corp-backed OpenAI took ChatGPT offline in Italy after the watchdog temporarily restricted its personal data processing and initiated an investigation into a suspected breach of privacy regulations.

The data protection body, led by Stanzione, recently issued a set of demands that OpenAI must meet by April 30th to address its concerns. EU lawmakers have also urged world leaders to hold a summit to address the development of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems like ChatGPT, which are evolving faster than anticipated.

Stanzione explained that Italy acted independently to ban ChatGPT because prompt action was necessary, and relying on a European decision would have taken at least three or four months.

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