Christopher Plummer, the honor winning entertainer who played Captain von Trapp in the film The Sound of Music and at 82 turned into the most seasoned Academy Award acting champ ever, has passed on at 91 years old.

Plummer passed on Friday morning at his home in Connecticut with his better half, Elaine Taylor, close by, said Lou Pitt, his long-term companion and chief.

Over 50 years in the business, Plummer appreciated differed jobs going from the film The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, to the voice of the miscreant in 2009′s Up and as a watchful legal advisor in Broadway’s Inherit the Wind. In 2019 he featured as killed secret author in Rian Johnson’s whodunnit Knives Out and in the TV tension show arrangement Departure.

Yet, it was inverse Julie Andrews as von Trapp in 1965 that made him a star. He played an Austrian skipper who should escape the country with his society singing family to get away from administration in the Nazi naval force, a job he deplored was “humorless and one-dimensional.” Plummer spent the remainder of his life alluding to the film as “The Sound of Mucus” or “S&M.”

“We made a decent attempt to place humor into it,” he disclosed to The Associated Press in 2007. “It was practically unthinkable. It was only distress to attempt to make that person not a cardboard figure.”


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