Analyst highlights six altcoins with potential for value increase

Altcoin Daily, a popular crypto YouTube channel, recently discussed the potential for Bitcoin and other altcoins to see explosive growth. This update comes as Ethereum’s price surpassed $1,900 for the first time since August 22. Altcoin Daily presented a chart outlining the path to AltSeason and stated that altcoins are in their own cycle. The channel also provided six altcoin picks to watch.

Tezos was listed as the second pick after Bitcoin and Ethereum. Tezos is a smart contract dApp platform that competes with Ethereum and recently collaborated with Google. It also released enshrined roll-ups on March 29, 2023., which focuses on AI technology, was listed as the third pick. raised $40 million to deploy decentralized machine learning and aims to connect and securely access datasets using autonomous AI. The platform is working on an execution layer of GPT models.

Cardano came in fourth on the list as it poses a direct threat to Ethereum with the new EVM integration. The ADA blockchain has also emerged as one of the leading EVM chains in the cryptocurrency realm.

RSS3 was listed as the fifth pick, envisioning itself as Web3’s decentralized information processor. The developers expect the project to launch in six to eight months.

THORChain was the sixth pick and recently achieved a new milestone with over 70k wallets. THORChain’s native token, Rune, will burn faster with the lending feature coming soon.

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