Belt And Road International Music Festival Starts In Shenzhen, China

Belt And Road International Music Festival Starts In Shenzhen, China

Belt And Road International Music Festival Starts In Shenzhen, China belt and road international music festival starts in shenzhen, china Belt And Road International Music Festival Starts In Shenzhen, China z9

A six-week long Belt and Road International Music Festival has kicked off at Shenzhen Concert Hall with stunning performances to promote the cultural exchanges and communications between China and other civilizations, and push the cultural developments and cooperation on the countries along the Belt and Road.

The festival, co-hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and the Chinese Musicians Associations will provide an international stage for the outstanding national and international artists in a bid to enhance the emotional resonances of the human beings and to spread the consciousness of the human community.

Han Wang Xi, Director of the Shenzhen Municipal Government told APP here on Sunday that 16 excellent troupes and 700 world-renowned musicians from 40 countries and regions are participating and perform during the festival.

“World Connection and Global Communication” is the subject of the festival, which will present Shenzhen audience a global cultural feast, including 18 high-standard concerts and performing sessions, such as music, dance, seminar, and master classes, he added.

Hang Wang said although this music festival is new and it is only its second year but it has become famous within the country and abroad in no time.

He informed that Shenzhen, located in Guangdong province is an international city an ideal place for the tourists and the local people love music, art, and culture.

Director General, Musicians Association, Ye Xiaogang said the festival has drawn great attraction among the people and the opening day witnessed a very warm response.

He expressed the confidence that people of this city, as well as tourists, will pay more attention and make this mega event a success by participating in a very large number.

The opening concert was conducted by Guoyang Zhang and Daye Lin, which included the performances from both the national and international artists, such as the Chinese American violinist Cho-Liang Lin, the Argentina Bandoneon Walter Rios, the French talented trumpeter Lucienne Renaudin Vary, the New York Metropolitan Opera House’s baritone Yunpeng Wang, and the famous Chinese national music vocalist Lei Jia.

The festival consists of multi-culture programs, such as “The Legend”- Concert of Mikhail Pletnev and Russian National Symphony Orchestra, who mesmerized the audience with their masterly art and presentation.

The concert of traditional Chinese music, Concert of Iranian Traditional Music and the concert of Wu Man, the Silk Road Musicians, and Huayin Shadow puppet will perform during the festival.

The music festival will also host a series of extensive and related activities, such as the music seminar and master classes in order to create a good cultural environment for the cooperation and development among the countries along the Belt and Road.

The world well-known Chinese American choreographer Shen Wei’s new composition “Xing Yi Sheng” will be premiered in the closing concert to be held on April 29.


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